What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy is an integrative soft contact approach that was originally based on osteopathy. During one session the practitioner works with the patient to accompany and assist the body to find and release physical, mental and emotional trauma.

This therapy is gentle but effective and safe and can be applied to people of all ages as a complement to medical or psychological treatment, while if there is no specific pathology or ailment helps to eliminate tensions increasing the body’s vitality.

What to expect

A craniosacral therapy session lasts an hour. A session includes:

    •  Patient history (first session) or follow-up between treatments in subsequent sessions.
    • Treatment. 
    • and review of the session at the end.

A complete case history is taken in the first session to understand the reasons for your visit and your expectations.

During the session, the client lies on his or her back on a treatment table, fully clothed, while the therapist makes gentle contact on the shoulders, head, along the back or base of the spine or other affected areas to encourage healing and rebalancing.

Each session is reviewed. Improvement or resolution can occur after a few sessions, although on occasion more treatments for deep-rooted problems may be needed.

Some clients consider regular sessions to be beneficial to support general health.

To an overall view of the treatment and what is the therapy about, I invite you to watch a video by clicking on the Craniosacral Association Logo below. (the video was produced by the Craniosacral Association of the UK).

About me

About Rosa Ana

Many hours of work and continuous stress working in the area of macroeconomic accounts ended in weakening my immune system and subsequently developing a carcinogenic tumour over 15 years ago.

In the quest to improve my health and as a complement to traditional medical treatment, I came across craniosacral therapy. It promoted the healing of not only my body, but also the mental and emotional shock of my illness.

Since then, craniosacral therapy has been a part of my life, first as a patient and now as a therapist



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